Guest Post with Romantic Fiction Author Carol Thomas

Welcome back, Carol Thomas, who has released a sequel to her Romantic Comedy, The Purrfect Pet Sitter. Last year she entertained us no end with her sparkling new novel, a great holiday read. You can see the previous post by clicking this link:

Leading Men in Fiction: Guest Post by Carol Thomas

To celebrate the release of her romantic comedy, Maybe Baby, Carol Thomas is this week’s Chindi Author of the Week, and is stopping by to tell us more about her latest novel:

Maybe Baby is the second book in the Lisa Blake series, published by Ruby Fiction. While the story follows on from The Purrfect Pet Sitter (Lisa Blake book #1), it can also be read as a standalone novel.

Photo of author Carol ThomasIn Maybe Baby, Lisa Blake is back with her first love, she’s reunited with her best friend Felicity, and life is looking good; even her pet sitting skills are improving – everybody knows you can’t believe all you read in the local Gazette, don’t they?

Felicity is on the cusp of achieving her perfect wife-mum-life balance; Her husband, Pete, is being wonderfully attentive, and her four children are getting older and wiser (sometimes too much wiser) by the day.

But just when they think that maybe, just maybe, they have everything sorted, it becomes clear that life is nothing but full of unexpected surprises!

What challenges did you face writing a romance about an already established couple?

In Maybe Baby, the romance aspect comes from the characters working together as they face the next phase of their lives. There are secrets to be revealed and new discoveries to be made. I really enjoyed working with the characters again and putting them in new situations, exploring how they progressed as a couple was a lot of fun.

Having written two books focused around the same characters, who are your favourites?

I have a soft spot for all of them, and I have spoken on your blog before about my male heroes – I do love the male leads in this book. But I adore Felicity’s four children. It was hard to write any scene involving them without a smile on my face. They have fabulously inquisitive minds and their own quirky characters. They, along with Lisa’s furry clients, give rise to many of the comedic moments across the series.

Can we expect more in the Lisa Blake series?

Never say never! Each story is complete in its own right, but I have an idea for a Christmas novella involving these characters that I may explore once I have finished the contemporary romance – separate to this series – that I am currently working on.

Meanwhile, The Purrfect Pet Sitter, currently ebook only, is coming out in audio and paperback on August 6th, which is very exciting!

Maybe Baby is available in audio and as an ebook, buying links:
Ruby Fiction:

Website and Social Media Links:


Thanks Carol for sharing this news and I wish you the best of luck with Maybe Baby.

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2 Responses to Guest Post with Romantic Fiction Author Carol Thomas

  1. carolthomasauthor says:

    Thank you for inviting me back on your blog, Helen, and thank you for all of your wonderful support too. I hope you enjoy Maybe Baby. xx

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