I am an aspiring author and simply love writing. To me, writing is not about fame and fortune – it is about writing a compelling story which others will enjoy. For that reason, I look forward to sharing my work and hope others will be inspired by my books.

Same Face Different Place is a series of novels set across 4 decades. The entire story takes place in England and each book is shaped around the social and political climate of its time.

The first book ‘Beginnings‘ is published on Amazon Kindle and free to download. The story is a thriller set in the 1970s in East London, against a background of organised crime – hidden within this story is a political conspiracy as well as a love story.

The second book ‘Visions’ is a bigger, more complex story set in the 1980s which incorporates a psychological thriller and is based around the restoration of a historic country house.

In 2015 I published the 3rd book of the series, ‘Pleasures’ set around the 1990s – a hard hitting ‘coming of age’ thriller, where the ongoing mystery in Books 1 and 2 is intertwined.

The final book in my series ‘Retribution’ (which runs from the early 90s to the start of the 2nd Millennium) ultimately grew into two books: ‘Retribution Phase One’ and ‘Retribution End Game’ but is the concluding part of the saga, which I completed in 2017. My series has undergone numerous edits and blog tours but has some wonderful reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

| More about my books on my website |

In addition to writing I enjoy country walks in Sussex, travel to other parts of the UK, blogging, photography, gardening and growing our own veggies. Long walks along our beautiful local beach give me endless inspiration, especially the winter sunsets which feature on this blog… Oh, and I am a proper foodie too and love cooking. I share occasionally recipes.

More recently I completed my first standalone psychological suspense thriller, and its release will be announced very soon.

Helen J. Christmas

10th March 2021

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