Coming Out of #UKLockdown

Tributes to the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic

What’s been happening with UK Lockdown?

24.6.2020 Well, it’s been 3 months but some of us were getting quite used to this new way of life. Piece by Piece however, the Government started lifting some of the restrictions and by the middle of May we were finally allowed out into the countryside.

Fortunately, this has been the hottest, sunniest May I remember for years, the flowers and tree blossom prolific: foxgloves in various shades, vivid red peonies and the plumes of mauve and white wisteria flowers on our cottage a feast for the eyes.

Crowds and Queues

Brighton Beach during Coronavirus outbreak

Source: Sky News 23.5.2020

With weather this glorious though and a first phase of getting our freedom back, it was inevitable people would be out in droves. Nothing suffered the deluge quite like the beaches. West Wittering had to restrict numbers of visitors to their car park (you had to book a week in advance) while pictures on the news showed other beaches packed to the gunnels with social distancing measures well and truly ignored.

Queuing to enter shops has become something of the norm now (but I am getting through many audio books in the process); at least there are no shortages any more. With a reasonable supply of flour now, my husband has been making lovely bread , while I continue to experiment with new recipes.

The Good Life

The weather has been so gorgeous, we have enjoyed our garden more than ever as have the rest of the family. At the beginning of May I got my hanging baskets planted, seeds in the greenhouse, resulting in a very bountiful vegetable patch. The rain has been scarce but in June, we finally got some rain. Now everything is growing like crazy, we have a very overcrowded vegetable patch, not to mention an abundance of strawberries and even a few cherries, while my Mum’s is like the Garden of Eden.

In fact every facet of nature seems amplified; clear skies with barely a cloud, the sea bluer, the flowers beautiful, the bird song clearer and the air sweeter. These were my observations for the rest of Lockdown and before the month ended, we had two more walks: Halnaker Windmill and Pagham Harbour, all within easy reach.

Halnaker Windmill in Sussex

Acceptance or Denial

As time marches on however, it seems the coronavirus is here to stay and the world might never go back to what it was. But there are two types of people; those anxious about COVID-19 (which is most of us) who accept the situation for what it is and do what we can to prevent the spread. We must protect the care workers and the vulnerable.

But some think the coronavirus is no worse than flu, social distancing laws are completely over the top and “how dare they take away our freedom!” I have even heard conspiracy theorists preaching this is some sinister plot; that governments engineered this entire scenario on purpose to enslave us indoors and control our lives.

I like to keep an open mind but I personally think it’s crap. How incredibly disrespectful to all the grieving families who’ve lost loved ones, not to mention the relentless, untiring efforts NHS workers but enough said… All most people want to do is survive.

Oriental Poppy in the garden

Moving On

So finally the shops have started opening again for non essential items such as clothes. I admit I do feel very sorry for workers who are suffering financial hardship, companies on the brink of going bust and the grim possibility jobs may be lost. No one wants that and yes, the economy has to start moving again. It was good to see NEXT in Bognor getting ready for opening. For the past 12 weeks it had a forlorn look, clothes on the rails but no customers, the store swamped in darkness and windows covered with bird poo. Getting read for the grand re-opening on June 15th, most stores now have footprint stickers on the floor (2m social distancing still in place) and hand sanitising stations.

And Finally

On June 23rd, Boris Johnson announced the next phase of relaxing the measures. To be honest I am a little surprised the pubs, restaurants and hotels are opening. Good news for youngsters who want to get out socialising again, relatives such as my husband’s brother and his family who run 2 wonderful restaurants, (The Boulevard and The Riviera in Sussex). But for gyms and beauty salons, the news is not so good and they are to remain closed, people like my sister (Cariad Beauty) who did the COVID-19 training, invested in all the PPE gear in readiness to return to work and is now told she can’t!

In other words you can go out boozing but you won’t be able to get back to a regular health and beauty regime? Does this Government have its priorities right?

It’s good to see the country shrug itself back to life and let’s hope the worst of this era has passed (fingers crossed). This will be my last post on the Coronavirus Pandemic for a while unless there is anything newsworthy. Now back to writing my new book, which is going quite well.

About Helen J. Christmas

I am an English author and have written a series of novels, titled 'Same Face Different Place. Beginnings is a gangland thriller set in the criminal underworld of 1970s London. The second Book 'Visions' is a psychological thriller, set in Kent; a mystery that ensnares the owners of an historic, English Country House. Book 3 Pleasures contains suspense, thrills and YA romance, set in a backdrop of organised crime and at the advent of the British rave culture. There are 2 final books in the series, Retribution (Phase One) and Retribution (End Game) where the saga reaches its dramatic conclusion.
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