Same Face Different Place Update – 10th August 2015

It’s been an exciting year for the series and as it’s been a while since I updated my blog, I realised it was time to share the news.

PLEASURES-coverI was overjoyed to finally publish Book 3 Pleasures on Easter Sunday. This is a story that took 18 months to complete including a full edit before I wrote the ending (not to mention further edits, comments from Beta readers, more edits and publishing in kindle and paperback). At 555 pages it’s a fairly hefty book, but packed with story lines. I’ve had 2 reviews on Amazon and people who’ve told me it’s my most exciting novel to date.

After the completion of this novel, I had already made a decision I wanted to look at Visions again (Book 2) and do another edit. I simply thought it was too long – it’s my favourite out of the three, yet feedback wasn’t forthcoming. Some described it as ‘taking a while to get going,’ ‘not as gripping as the 1st’ and I haven’t seen many reviews. Others said they loved it and never wanted it to end. But I had to listen to what my heart was telling me.

Visions Special
Thus the remainder of April and May were put aside for this purpose. I tightened up the 1st half and brought in more suspense – and without sacrificing the quality of detail, reduced it down from 560 pages to 484. Best of all, two new ‘readers’ gave it a first look thoroughly enjoyed it – according to a Facebook post, one finished it in a week and said it was a “bloody good story.”

By the end of May however, a printed proof turned up for Pleasures, so I spent the whole of June Proofreading it (and yes, there were some typos) hopefully now all corrected and the market copy should be perfect. My proof reading skills are getting better!

BeginningsCome July, I went right back to the Beginning – that is, my first Book, Beginnings. Belonging to a group like CHINDI (Chichester Independent authors) brought me into contact with writers who have very sharp editing skills. It was a few minor flaws pointed out to me, that inspired me to give this book another look too; but not for the story – more for the writing style. I wanted to improve on it. So a newly edited version of this book went live on August 3rd. I’m delighted to say this book has attracted some wonderful reviews, even in its raw state, so hopefully it’s even better.

I really enjoyed visiting it again, for its 1970s setting, its powerful characters and to remind myself how the entire series began.

So on to Book 4 Retribution: I have finally started writing it. Unable to sit still or take a rest from writing, I got stuck in, next day. In between re-writes, edits and proof reading, I have been making notes for a synopsis. The book is well underway now and I can hardly tear myself away from it! Such is the life of a writer and I do love writing. It took the last 4 months to realise how much I have missed it so I’m really pleased to get back to it.

The book continues where Pleasures left off, Summer 1991, with flashbacks into the past and a shocking prologue. It will hopefully be out some time in 2016, but who knows? There are a lot of loose ends to tie up so I’ll keep everyone posted with the progress.


About Helen J. Christmas

I am an English author and have written a series of novels, titled 'Same Face Different Place. Beginnings is a gangland thriller set in the criminal underworld of 1970s London. The second Book 'Visions' is a psychological thriller, set in Kent; a mystery that ensnares the owners of an historic, English Country House. Book 3 Pleasures contains suspense, thrills and YA romance, set in a backdrop of organised crime and at the advent of the British rave culture. There are 2 final books in the series, Retribution (Phase One) and Retribution (End Game) where the saga reaches its dramatic conclusion.
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